On His Farm He Had Six Anamalz

Anamalz began as a single idea between the two founders, Louise Causon-Scott & Tim Scott. Wooden toys were just starting to take off. Louise realized how hard it was to find wooden toys made from sustainable materials. Tim was a lover of woodwork, and was more than happy to be guided by Louise' eye for design to help create what would become their first range of 12 Anamalz.

Each Anamalz undergoes the exact same process. First the wood is harvested and shaped from log to timber slabs and placed in a kiln to dry. This process takes 30 days to ensure the wood does not crack. Once this step is completed it is then ripped and shaped into individual pieces by hand. Plush materials are then sewn, faces and features are hand painted onto the wood before it is finally assembled with horns and a flexi textile rope.      


The Anamalz range has grown along with their devoted fan base. The duo loves to create little eco-friendly wooden pals that bring smiles to children and adults alike. These cuddly wooden toys have gone on to win numerous awards from countless competitions for their design, dad-appeal and creativity. We here at Kydloves are so happy to be able to provide our customers with such an appealing brand. 

We know how much you all love Anamalz, and for a while now we've been wondering how to show you how much we love them too. What better way then to put together a farm collection? Now your little one can start their own farm with a sheep, ram, cow, horse, goat and donkey. Each cute toy features a unique code, once registered you will receive a guardian certificate from the wonderful team at Anamalz. 

  anaMalz Farm Animal Collection

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