Baby's First Christmas

 A new addition to the gorgeously lovely and snuggly for everyone involved.  Their first Christmas will always bring back special memories of everything being their first that year, first toys, first blankets, first outfits, first keepsakes.  I have a treasure box for both of my own babies where I put the little things to remind me of their first days that I can pass on to them when they are ready to have their own children.  My firstborn was a November baby so her first Christmas was her first cuddles with Nanna, as we live some distance from them, first long trip in a car, first makeshift bath in the sink!  I still have the lovely pink smocked baby dress she wore Christmas Day, and she still has Pinky Ted that her Auntie gave her to treasure.  She is 13 this year.  Second born child was a July baby and was a marathon sleeper so his first Christmas was a little different.  He wasn't as little, so we dressed him up in a lovely red summer shirt and shorts, but he spent most of his time in bed!

So whether it is your own baby's first Christmas, or your grand baby's, or your new niece or nephew, or your dear friends baby's first Christmas it is the little things that will be remembered long after they grow and change, and love black and rock music, and hanging with their mates.  Their first outfit, first toy, special first Christmas keepsake, first book they loved to have read to them, and of course their first set of booties! The little things that will all take a special little place in the treasure box and in your heart of their memories.
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