Night Buddies

Night time can be scary for little ones, the fear of the dark often gets in the way of a good nights rest. Sally Connolly and her family team knew this all too well. Her children were consistently waking up with night terrors. Simple night lights didn't seem to help. Sally wanted to provide her loved ones with a comforting toy that could light the way to a calm sleep. It wasn't long before the first Night Buddie was created. With the help of these adorable glow-in-the-dark plush toys she was able to teach her little ones how to follow their dreams and enjoy the journey while feeling safe.

The team at Night Buddies prides themselves in creatively designing toys that provide an opportunity for kids to share stories while caring for others. Every child has a story, and every child deserves the opportunity to share it. They design all of their products with only the most scrumptious of fabrics. They're held to the highest American testing standards, and are designed with comfort in mind. Each and everyone is made with love. 

Sally's underlying goal is to promote story telling from a young age. She believes that story telling is the root of community, the glue that holds together a family. Night Buddies want to ultimately create nurturing environments where kids can share, care and learn about one another. With each Night Buddie purchase an organic social network continues to grow. It's a network in which children, along with their moms or dads, can share in the commonalities in all of us through storytelling.

We've recently added Night Buddies to our store, and we're loving them. We hope that you will love them too. Drop by today and check them out for yourselves. 



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