Educational Floor Puzzles from Melissa & Doug

Melissa and Doug Floor Puzzles

Melissa & Doug began their dream company in Doug's childhood home. Melissa brought her passion, creativity and focus while Doug provided his playful nature, vision and leadership. Each had grown up with family members that were passionate about their roles as educators, and had caught the bug themselves as they grew up. As they grew their desire to make toys that would lead children on a journey of discovery grew with them.

It wasn't long before they began to make that dream a reality. Inside the garage where Doug tinkered as a child the duo created the first of many toys, the wooden Fuzzy Farm Puzzle. It was a brilliantly simple idea. They took a classic toy and added a texture, fuzz. Within time Melissa & Doug ventured beyond puzzles. They have continued to create a range of children's toys which educate and delight, at prices that parents can afford.  

 As Melissa & Doug's business grew, so did their family. They now have six wonderful children, all of whom provide constant inspiration and act as guinea pigs for their parent's latest inventions. With their help the team has continuously engaged with children, observed how they play, what motivates them, and how they develop their problem solving, creative and social-emotional skills through play. 

The team acknowledges their success is a result of finding ways to add a bit of pizzazz to tried and true products, by finding fun ways to improve products from the past that continue to be popular with both parents and their children. Melissa & Doug are uncompromising when it comes to ensuring all products meet the highest quality, safety, service and value standards. All while remaining true to their original goal of inspiring kids to use their imaginations and be creative. 

We're so excited to be introducing a new range of floor puzzles from Melissa & Doug. Here at Kydloves we believe that discovering the world can be fun and educational. There's an option for everyone, whether your loved one wants to discover what lies beneath the sea, learn about the different continents the world is comprised of, explore the solar system, go insect hunting or dance with ballerinas.  


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