A few of our favourite things

a few of our favourite things

I love this time of year, the sun is out (finally) and it's beginning to feel a lot like summer...and a little like the Christmas run up.  Just a little!  This is the time to start planning your hunting list with all of the things to find on your gift shopping expeditions.  I do quite a bit of internet trawling at this time to see what goodies I can find for nieces, nephews, sisters and brothers, cousins, and of course my own kids.  At Christmas time we try to get as many family members together as possible to spend time laughing, eating and drinking, and enjoying each others company because we are not only family, we are friends, and we want our kids to experience the same magic we did with time spent together.

There's been some good hits, and some not so good, over the years with present giving so I thought it was a great time to share some of our favourite things here at KydLoves to get you in the hunting mood for the perfect gift.  My top pick for little boys is Bloco T-Rex, for babies first Christmas is Sophie the Giraffe, and for little girls is the Discoveroo cash register.  These are all quality toys made with great love and attention to detail that will go the distance with rough and tumble and all that everyday life brings with little kids.  

These are a few of my favourite things

  1. Aurora Dreamy Eyes Leah Lamb
  2. Seedling Stretchy Lizards
  3. Anamalz Black Ram and Crocodile
  4. Discoveroo Toolbox
  5. Constructive Eating Bulldozer Pusher
  6. Discoveroo Farm Yard Set
  7. Albetta Nautical Summer Romper
  8. Anamalz Elephant
  9. Sophie the Giraffe Cutlery Set
  10. Discoveroo Cash Register
  11. Bloco Velociraptor
  12. Albetta Unicorn Booties
  13. Bloco T-Rex
  14. Oogaa Pink Single Bowl
  15. Linzi Rose Posie Harem Pants
  16. Maud n Lil organic cotton Ears the Bunny Cuddle Friend
  17. the original Sophie the Giraffe
  18. Moptop Scalloped Edge Reversible Sunhat
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