Discoveroo Wants to Make Learning Fun

The husband and wife duo behind Discoveroo have traveled the world with their family. High quality wooden toys, games and educational products were readily available at each new destination. When comparing the toys they had brought with them from Australia to those they bought overseas it was clear that these toys were of a higher quality, and lasted far longer. They begun to notice their children preferred to play with these, and that other parents loved high quality wooden toys too.   


Once they arrived back in Australia the duo soon realized that there was a need for quality natural toys. They wanted to provide Australian children with toys that were similar to those they had collected while living overseas. Simple and effective toys which would be perfect for developing the mind of a child during critical windows of accelerated development that are common during childhood. 

Discoveroo toys encourage imaginative play without a preconceived outcome. Made entirely of natural materials that stimulate the senses in a way that processed materials just can't. They pride themselves on doing the majority of development in house, and when necessary working with local artists. 


Their products are always Natural and Simple. For young children, seeing how a toy works is an important part of understanding the world. The natural materials stimulate the senses in a way that processed materials cannot. Discoveroo is proud to be the appointed wooden toy brand for several well known Australian Preschool licenses including Play School, Giggle and Hoot and the Wiggles.

We love stocking brands that are focused on positively influencing how children learn and play. The Discoveroo team's passion for high quality wooden toys is practically contagious. Let your child's imagination run wild with Discoveroo, available now at Kydloves. Click on one of the products above, and check it out for yourself today.

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