Brighten up your loved ones dinner time with the team at Oogaa. They pride themselves on creating fun, healthy and sustainable products for babies and young kiddies. 

Oogaa's founder Sam Skolnik was sick of dull dinner times and decided to mix things up a bit. Only bold, bight and engaging products make the cut. They want to enthrall your offspring - and make your life as a parent easier while they're at it. 


The team is on a mission to create products free from toxins like BPA, BPS or phthalates and never put profits before principles. 

Each product is designed to be better for baby and for the world they will inherit one day. Oogaa believe in being environmentally friendly, using green materials that are safe and as sustainable as possible. Believe in the same principles? Check out the full range in store and make your loved ones playtime bright, bold and beautiful.  


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