T-Rex & Triceratops has arrived

My favourite Bloco set is back in stock after a busy run up to Christmas.  The T-Rex and Triceratops are a very impressive size when finished which is sure to please any little dinosaur loving kid.


You can also transform the T-Rex into a Therizinosaurus which is getting the most out of a really cool idea.  I also like the Aqua and Pyro Dragons set as they build up to a really large size and can be mixed and matched to endless possibilities.


Bloco is a fantastic, unusual gift idea which will engage young minds and build imaginations and fine motor skills and will take up some restless hours while constructing and reconstructing.  My little man would LOVE the T-Rex set as they learn about dinosaurs in pre-school, and the first year's of school so it is easily identifiable by him as a cool toy to have.  Anything which keeps my little man occupied for any length of time gets the big thumbs up from me!

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