Rockin' Baby's Philanthropic Mission

Every once in a while a brand comes along that isn't just working towards a profit. A brand that wants to help others along the way. Rockin' Baby is one of those brands. The team at Kydloves loves stocking this brand, and we feel that it's time to share more about them with you. 


Rockin' Baby started off on the American West Coast in 2002. It was there that the current CEO, Kathryn Wiley, fell in love with a brand that was brimming with potential. She took Rockin' Baby on in 2011 and immediately transformed it into a one-for-one philanthropic business model. For each and every sling sold, Rockin' Baby would donate one to a mother in Haiti.

Through their mother-to-mother campaigns the team at Rockin' Baby were positively impacting the lives of mothers in Haiti, and had added drops of their slings to mother's in Kenya, yet they still wanted to do more. They've recently introduced child-to-child.

They wanted to ensure that whatever items they introduced to their repertoire would be helpful to children and babies around the world. It became apparent that nothing could be better than clothes that could keep them warm and comfortable. They believe that every child deserves to have options other than running around naked or wearing rags.  

For each item of clothing sold Rockin' Baby now donates another item of clothing, and they've thought of everything. If the charities they work with tell them that they just need dresses or leggings in ages 2-3 and 3-4 than that's what they give them. They help clothe children in China and West Africa through their child-to-child program.

When you buy a Rockin' Baby product your buying something made by a team of talented designers, sewers and cutters that use fabric sourced fairly and sustainably, using low-impact dyes. You're supporting a brand that in turn is supporting mothers and children in need across the globe. In a world where people are starting to vote for change with their wallets, purchasing a Rockin' Baby sling helps you make the world a better place one sling at a time.   

Here at Kydloves we've got some beautiful slings and and pouches available. You can choose from hits like the Beautiful Day sling, the Danny Boy Sling and the Rose of My Heart Sling. 


Wondering when you will be able to buy the clothing collection? Keep your eyes peeled, we may have something in the works...  


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